Sunday, February 17, 2013

Signs of the times

Shuttling between three institutions of higher education -- plus working minutes from downtown -- I drive and walk the mean streets of Bermtopia quite a bit. As a result, I see Things. Odd things. Magical things. Heartbreaking things. Inspiring things. And, because it's Bermtopia, just plain mystifying things.

I try to record these with my handy-dandy cell phone, but because I am a Responsible Driver and don't drive and cell phone at the same time there are, alas, many missed photo ops. But because I love you all, yesterday I took a little detour from my weekly pilgrimage trip to Trader Joe's to capture a couple of recent favorites I came across this week.

 Let's start with food because, well, everything starts with food.

Actually, I've heard the Happy Dragon is pretty good. How could it not be when your Kung Pao Chicken comes with a Chili Verde chaser?


 My date and I shall be checking this happy mash-up of culinary cultures very soon.

New owners. Very clean. Good to know.

As seen at the Comstock Park tennis courts. I took Metaphysics in college. I took Logic. And, yes, I took Modern Dance. I am, after all, the product of a Jesuit Education.

(Zags: Nice, if not nail-biting, win over San Francisco Saturday, btw.)

But. I. do. not. know. what. this. sign. means.

Tennis, anyone?

And finally.

Our latest round of poop bags come equipped with their very own public service announcement.

Duly noted.

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  1. I love looking at signs too! The locked gate one is indeed mystifying. Please post about your meal! Is the place owned by a Chinese who married a Mexican? I know dog poop is supposed to be bad fertiliser but I sill swear that we had the sweetest navel oranges ever because I dropped and watered Farouk and Jehan's poop into the area around the tree.