Thursday, February 28, 2013

The home office

It's just a shade under a week since my foot surgery -- and basically learning to live life shaped like the partially flattened version of the letter V.

We're settling into something of a routine -- breakfast, Words with Friends for 45-60 minutes, then punching the virtual time clock for a few hours of work, foot elevated and on ice.

Welcome to my home office. Let me give you a brief tour.

The aerial view: 
Lap (literally) top, mouse, etc. "Going" to the office is easy because the office is, basically, on my lap. But, once at the office, it requires the skill, cunning and creativity of a Cirque du Soleil star to navigate the cables, comforters and canine sensitivities if an impromptu trip 
to the bathroom water cooler is necessary.

My mouse pad -- copyright 1971.

The strategy room.

The file room.

And my assistant.

Could someone give him a nudge and let him know I'm ready for my 10 a.m. latte?


  1. That's cruel! How can you be expected to work like this? Doesn't your office understand the meaning of "putting your feet up"?

    Hope you feel better soon. Hugs to Dr Ben x

  2. I would but I have a feeling he would just roll on his back. Have a Happy Wednesday!

  3. My assistant always insists on laying ON my keyboard :) Sorry about your foot. Forced "cooped upness" is the pits

  4. Happy WW; thanks for hopping! :)

  5. Your home office looks a bit like ours! Hope your foot heals quickly.

  6. There's nothing wrong with my foot. But, I am trying out your home office configuration because I always work at home -- at a desk -- but I'm tired and I want to see if I can do the lap top thing, actually on my lap, propped up on pillows. I also have a fluffy assistant who just sighed and stretched out on a pillow next to me. I'm afraid he was a bad boy this morning on our walk. He found something large, flat and slimy and once he had it in his mouth, he refused to part with it. I wrestled half of it away after about 5 minutes of struggle, but he basically turned into Cujo and consumed the other half of -- god knows what.

  7. I hope it won't be long until your foot is healed. Get well soon. By the way, cute assistant you got there. :)