Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On looking up, looking down & a day at the office

On looking up. . .

Now into week 2 of the Great Foot Recovery, I can report that the crack in the TV room ceiling isn't getting any worse. It's been there for years -- one of the Nine-One-Fours many benign structural varicose veins if you will. Things you expect of a 71-year-old dowager.

The cobweb dallying in air the next to it -- not so much. Remind me to take care of that in the next decade or so.

On looking down. . . 

Sunday was beautiful -- a teaser that spring is just around the corner. The 40-degree temperatures? A reminder that we've still got several blocks to go before reaching that corner.

Nevertheless, sated with cabin fever, my date said, "Let's get out of here and go to lunch!" So off we dashed shuffled (I've upped my game to a shuffle since late last week, btw),  thinking we'd re-visit Chan's Dragon Inn. Sadly the Dragon didn't open till 4 p.m. so we made yet another Third Avenue discovery.

More on that later.

Let's just cut to chase and say lunch was a delicious success.

And so was a short reconnoiter around the Back Forty when we got home.

Bleeding heart!

Hope sprouts eternal.

And a day at the office. . .

You got the tour of  my mothership of working at home last week. Lest you think we just lay around all day doing nothing here at the Nine-One-Four, here's what productivity looks like:

My assistant: I'm worried about the Purina account.
Truth be told: This is the first morning he's taken
any interest in work.

Ear rubs were written into the master contract last year.
But on the minute!? WTF.

Pushin' paper at the Nine-One-Four.

And my assistant wonders why his computer skills are lacking.

My assistant: I don't think I was cut out for this type of work.
Could I get a transfer to the Parks Department?


  1. You are one hard working pup! Have a happy Wednesday!

  2. Ben, you're doing a very good job. At this rate, your Queen will be skipping before I do. I think its amazing that you're well enough to do a little reccy. Hope sprouts eternal hahaha! X

  3. Hey I'm all ready for spring myself! Great 'spring' photos and one gorgeous pup! Happy WW!

  4. Looking busy. Park control sounds like an awesome position. I also like research and development too! Research good walks and trails and develop a good taste for treats!