Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My, how time flies

Wow. It's fall. Like really fall. No more faux fall for this little lady.

At The Chamber of Horrors my place of work, the descent into hell fall quarter started yesterday. A time to celebrate the hopes and dreams of thousands of students and the creative, yet steely resolve of dedicated educators committed to helping others enrich their lives.

Myself? I climbed into my mental Safe Room about a week ago, closed my eyes, covered my ears and will be singing "La la la la la la la" for the next 9 months.

As a result, I've been a bit of slacker in the blogosphere. It will get better in a couple weeks once the villagers settle down.

In the meantime a couple of quick thoughts (about all I'm capable of these days):

Apple's unveiling of its new iOS7 -- it's cool, it's hip. I've got it on the iPadMini.

Now if they could only teach my MacBook to tell time.
Real time.
MacBook time.
New meaning to the phrase "blogging on borrowed time."

And, finally, because I always have your back -- I share wisdom of the ages as found in a church basement here in the scablands of Eastern Washington:

You're welcome.

Heading back to the Safe Room now. Over and out.

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  1. LOL! How well I remember the fun of the work week.