Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reading the signs

I admit it. I've got a thing for signs. And I post about it now and then.

Here's a few from the summer collection:

Alcohol. breathalyzers. for. fun. This is so very scari on, oh, so many levels. Spelling being just one of them. The par-tay continues over on the website:

So if you just had a beer you would be reading the alcohol on your Tung not in your lungs.  The 20 minutes allows all the Alcohol to evaporate off your tung.

Tung. Duly noted.

As seen in Seattle's Pioneer Square. Wonder if breakfast is included. And the turn-down 
service has to be pretty special. . . 

And, still in Seattle, a treasure found on the street on Capitol Hill. Yay, Washington. You done right. 

Of course. Display your fresh produce on. a. utility. box. The merchandising genius of this is simply staggering. 

And finally -- my own little four-legged scofflaw. Visiting what has to be the most god-for-saken rest area in the state Washington. 

Aptly named: 

May your week be filled with good signs!


  1. All right, that was just too much fun! I have a penchant for bumper stickers--another source of endless fun.

  2. Hahaha! I love good signs and street art. You think the breathalyser (thank god my auto spell check popped up for that) people were drunk when they wrote the copy for the site?

    You have to come to SA! You would love it, except maybe for the food. M.o.n.o.t.o.n.o.u.s.