Saturday, November 9, 2013

This week

This week kicked off with one of my favorite things -- our first snow fall. During drive time, of course.

As I sat in the parking lot otherwise known as Grand Boulevard Tuesday morning, I was able to truly appreciate a new driving phenomenon now seen commonly on the streets of Bermtopia: Making right and left turns from the far lane.


No more pesky lane-change waits! Conserve precious turn signal energy! In the wrong lane, as your turn is looming? No worries. That's what two lanes are for!

Let's show those Mini-Coopers who's boss, once and for all!


We had an all-staff retreat at the Chamber of Horrors my place of work this week. One of its goals was "to deepen personal and institutional awareness and interpersonal connections. . . ."

So, of course, for two hours we sat in rows of chairs, facing a presentation screen, and deepened our personal and institutional awareness of the back of each other's heads.

Mission accomplished.

This week ended in the kitchen -- the kitchen at INCA after Dark, that is. Surrounded by the fixings for tapas. 

We were instructed to come up with a tapas team name so Madame l'Artiste and I hopped on Las Senoras de las Tapas (full disclosure. . . if you haven't figured out already: Neither of us was a Spanish major, thank you very much), which morphed into the Lost Senoras as the evening wore on.

Did I mention there was sangria?

Once again IAD delivered.

As my end-of-the-evening apron will atest.
Baked asparagus, leek and manchego cheese bites.
This coming from someone who thinks asparagus
is the devil's spawn.
Pre-oven crab-stuffed piquillo peppers.
Served post-oven with an arugula salad dressed in
sherry vinegar and olive oil.
I think Madame l'Artiste and I swooned a little
And because I love ya. . . .

Wishing you a happy messy-apron kind of weekend!

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