Friday, October 22, 2010


OK, I'm having more fun than I should with Blogspot's (relatively) new app, Stats. I say "relatively" because it's probably been there all along, but blog-ninny that I am, I just noticed it about three weeks ago. It's humbling -- pretty much spells out how many people AREN'T reading my blog. But at the same time it's kind of inspiring -- because it spells out how many people beyond my 9 followers (2 of whom are the same person. P.S. I love you all.) ARE reading this blog -- or at least doing a fly-by. Here's how it works:

You log in and can view page visits by the hour (not going there. ever.), day, week, month, and all-time ever (Green Dinners: Round 2 -- who knew?). To keep things completely honest, I clicked the option "Don't count my own page visits." That eliminates at least 100 views a day.

You can also check out activity related to individual posts, traffic sources, and my own personal favorite, audience.

Audience rocks. It's where you see where page views are coming from. Over the last month, I've had "visits" from the Philippines, China, Israel, Germany, Sri Lanka, Latvia, Poland and Slovenia. Ah, technology.

Hello, Sri Lanka! Hello, Latvia! Hello, Slovenia! Hello, world! God knows what you might think stumbling across my ponderings about poop bags and plastic wrap much less having to look at my weird feet.

TMI? or charming musings by some crazy middle-aged American lady? You decide. In the mean time, I'll keep up the good work. And keep checking my Stats.

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