Monday, November 22, 2010

Dodging snowflakes

We're on the road, Bermtopian ex-pats if you will, enjoying the sights and sounds of Seattle with family and friends this Thanksgiving week.

As noted in previous posts, it's a relatively easy trip. Straight shot down Interstate 90. Except this time of year with there's the small matter of the Cascade Range and snow.

With the intensity of a NASA metereologist plotting out a space shuttle launch, the Wonderfully Patient Spouse has been analyzing weather patterns for the last two weeks. Basically inconclusive weather patterns I should add. It could snow -- or maybe not. So when Saturday rolled around under pale, cold sun-lit skies, we did what any self-respecting Thanksgiving pilgrims would do: We said Screw It, hopped in the car and headed west.

Ben didn't know what to do when he found out he was not part of trip. (Personally, I think he was a little relieved. Especially when we gave him carte blanche to the living room sofa.)

It was clear and dry till we reached the Columbia River. (I'm sorry. I couldn't resist the rattlesnake sign. It just kind of cracks me up. It's an Eastern Washington thing.)

An indecisive mix of snow and rain then followed us to Ellensburg and along the "road less traveled" -- the beautiful-pretty-much-any-time-of-year Yakima River canyon -- to Cle Elum where we re-connected with I-90. (The WPS gets a serious assist on these photos.)

That's when the white stuff finally left us, and we began our ascent up into the dreaded Snoqualamie Pass. Where we found blue sky and this:

It was all down hill (so to speak) from there.

So here I sit in the parlor of the Shafer Baillie Mansion B & B, cuppa Italian roast at my side, fire going in the fireplace -- already happily satiated with Indian food, Picasso, New York-style pizza and pulpos (that would be octopus) tapas.

And it's snowing. So much for dodging snowflakes.

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