Thursday, March 28, 2013

The news from When Pigs Fly Farm 3.0

It's not as bleak as it looks.
The first organizational meeting of  the crew at When Pigs Fly Farm was called to order Tuesday night.

Our cast of characters citizen farmers has changed. Farmer Jim and Mrs. Farmer Jim have long decamped for the Life of the Downsizer, living the life in a view apartment and within walking distance of a 7/11 store, several fine dining establishments and one of Bermtopia's most storied bars. Booo, Farmer Jim. But thank you for teeing up When Pigs Fly Farm 1.0.

This year, we'll be digging in the dirt with Farmer Sam and Farm-anatrix Kate (FJ's daughter), Farmer Bob and Farm-anatrix Kris, Farm-anatrix Cathy (back for another triumphant year, but "No corn!") and Farm-anatrix Dan-Vi.
We really look like we know what we're doing, don't we?
That's my team!
And I must mention Team Chicken. This year, thanks to Farmer Sam and Farm-anatrix Kate, WPFF delves into animal husbandry with six chickens! They're Barred Rocks, although based on the odd, ominous quality of this aerial view of their pen, I think they could easily be mistaken for a Crime Scene. 
Colonel Mustard did it with a heat lamp in the chicken coop.
 They ARE chickens, people. Teen age chickens. And according to the University of Google, very friendly. Although this was difficult to discern based on their current proclivity for flying feet first at each others' heads. The jury is still out on "friendly."

Under the steady hand of Farmanatrix Kate, WPFF is taking a little bit of different tack this year. We're becoming quasi-socialists. (Some friends might say I've already gone way beyond "quasi" and arrived at "just plain crazy." )

Exhibit A: The Plan and Farmatrix Kate's steady hand
There will be several garden patches of high-yield veggies that are literally free for the picking (Exhibit A) for all us involved at WPFF. This is in exchange for pulling weeds and keeping Team Chicken and the compost bin supplied with (healthy) table scrapes. A fair bargain, I'd say. And, of course, we will have our own little patches of joy, fear and loathing, depending on the mood of our crops.

Cold weather seeds go in the ground next week, and thus the mad cycle begins. So sit back, and enjoy the adventures and misadventures of the six citizen farmers at When Pigs Fly Farm. It's good to be back.

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